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Killian Jones + being the most restrained character on OUAT/what is with OUAT and tying people up?

This show and bondage I swear

Family show mmhm. Sure.


that tongue though…

Sneak Peek

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season 2 bloopers

Colin O’Donoghue is so manly that he gets crushed in the nuts and he LAUGHS. Your arguments are invalid.

i literally can’t stop laughing and i will never let him live that down.

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If that boy’s still walking, it’s because you let him go.

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Like honestly, if you had asked me on Sunday, and some of you did, I would have said, no.

But now I’m about 95% sure we are getting a TLK.

CSers after that sneak peek



Zelena captures Killian and issues an ultimatum. 3.19, “A Curious Thing”

Anonymous asked: Do you still take prompts? I'm in desperate need of some Captain Swan fluff! I don't even care about anything else than this ship and your fics..


Oh, man, I feel your pain. This ship is taking over my life! And after such a lovely, flattering message, how could I say no to your request? (I’m always taking prompts, but it might take me a while to get to them because they are starting to build up a little in my inbox.)

Be ye warned, this is the fluffy to the max. :p

Emma was brooding. She didn’t like it, but her mind had been occupied with one thought for days now: why hadn’t he proposed?

It should have been easy. They were true love. The Kiss proved that. A few days after that momentous event she had told him the three little words, just to make sure it was completely clear. The look of joy on his face had erased any of her lingering doubts about his feelings.

Since then he had said ‘I love you’ to her hundreds of times. Though she’d tried to count them – keep them locked within the place in her heart that she’d previously reserved for her self-doubt – she’d lost track at about number 237.

But, now, it was six months later and he hadn’t expressed any wish to make their love official and permanent. She almost thought he’d come close, once. And yet here she was without even a promise for their future and she couldn’t help but wonder why?

“You’re brooding, love,” he said without glancing at her, tightening his arm around her shoulder in a comforting gesture.

“I know,” she said grumpily. She wasn’t sure if she was annoyed or glad that he’d noticed. He turned to her and offered an encouraging smile.

“Care to tell me why? I might be able to help.” He’d made an effort to keep his voice light, but Emma could detect the tension underlying his words.

She studied his face, noting the love and patience in his eyes. In that moment, she made a surprise decision, one that hadn’t even occurred to her in all her heavy thinking.

“How would…Do you…will you marry me?” she asked, feeling suddenly breathless.

He blinked and Emma had a moment of panic before his face split into the biggest grin she had ever seen. Killian crushed her to him, whispering a fervent “yes,” in her ear. He kissed her cheek, then the corner of her mouth, seeking her lips with his own. Their lips caught and clung, a wordless avowal of their love.

She could feel a slight tremor in his hand as it cupped her cheek. The kiss slowed, then stopped, and they rested their foreheads together for a brief moment, breathing each other in.

He pulled back slightly so they could look into each other’s eyes. “Emma, do you really mean it?” His eyes were full of earnest hope and Emma’s stomach tumbled in reaction.

“Of course! I was waiting for you to ask, but I thought you might never get around to it.”

He laughed, a deep, rich chuckle that always thrilled her. “Emma, love, you’ve been leading me since the beginning. What made you think this would be any different?” he teased.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked in a brief return of her self-doubt.

“Let me show you something.” He disentangled himself from her and strode to the bedroom, returning moments later. In his hand was a small black box.

“Oh,” she said eloquently. He opened it, and inside was the most beautiful ring she had ever laid eyes on.

“I’ve had this since the day you said you loved me for the first time. I’ve held on to it, waiting until I was completely sure you were ready. Eight months was too soon for you with Walsh. I thought I’d wait a year to better my odds of not freaking you out. Which means that I am very, very sure that I want this. I want a future with you; I want us all to be family. So, yes, Emma, with my whole soul, I will marry you.”

Emma launched herself into his arms, unsure if she was smiling or crying. One thing she did know: she’d never been happier.


So… Soon?

A Decent Proposal - Once Upon a Time (1/1)



Pairing:  Captain Swan AU

Rating:    T

Summary:  He knows exactly what he wants to ask her.  All he has to do is find exactly the right moment.  Or not.  

Note:  Set in my Freaky Friday universe, this is for the lovely tersaseda who wanted another bite of the apple, so to speak.  Oh, and it went way beyond a drabble, so hence the ‘read more’ cut.  *facepalms*

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As pointed out by Carrie here (and brought up to me by Britt) the wonderful interview Jen and Colin did together was during the filming of 3x19, aka this Sunday’s episode! AND Jim Halterman all but confirmed that there is MORE of that interview he hasn’t posted yet [x].

So not only might we get more of this interview sometime this coming week, but there might be something great and spoilery happening this Sunday.

Who knows. Maybe a TLK?

             killian 'hate to see her go, love to watch her leave' jones


If you ever want to find the exact opposite of something colin o’donoghue would say just look at any of hook’s lines